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Gideon and President's Award Winners

Award Recipient List


2014 Award Winners

Each year at the Defender Conference in April, the Washington Defender Association recognizes members for outstanding work in the legal representation of the indigent. 


Gideon Award: George Yeannakis (TeamChild and OPD)

President's Award: Starck Follis (Whatcom County Public Defender), Terry Mulligan (Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense), Kari Reardon (Spokane County Public Defender)


President's Award: Cassie Trueblood (Snohomish County Public Defenders Association) and Floris Mikkelsen (King County DPD: TDA Division)


Gideon Award: Nancy Talner (ACLU-WA)

President’s Award: Toby J. Marshall and Jennifer Boschen (Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie); Matthew J. Zuchetto (The Scott Law Group); James F. Williams, Breena Roos, J. Camille Fisher, David Steele, Joel Higa, Carol Kness and Chris Knowlden (Perkins Coie); Sarah Dunne and Nancy Talner (ACLU-WA); and 
Letty Alvarez-Gubitosi


President's Award: Anita Paulsen (TDA), Lauren McLane (TDA) and Richard Whitehead (Pierce County DAC)


Gideon Award: Dan Fessler (Yakima County DAC)

President's Award: Nancy Collins (WAP) and Greg Link (WAP)


President's Award: Stan Munger, Abbey Perkins, Jamie Kvistad and Lila Silverstein


President's Award: Liz Albertson, Amy Muth, Sandro Parotta, Gordon Hill and Nita Haley


President's Award: Peggy Berry, Marc Boman, Jocelyn Cook, Jackie McMurtrie, Whitney Rivera


President's Award: Sean Devlin, Jamie Hawk, Joanne Moore and Brandon Redal


President's Award: Rachel Forde, Kyana Stephens, Dino Sepe and Todd Reeves


Gideon Award: Mary Wolney

President's Award: Dennis Carroll and Richard Wallis


Gideon Award: Jon Ostlund

Presidents Award: Richard Sanger, Linda Lillevik, Jana Heyd and Cindy Spanton


Inaugural Gideon Award: Robert Boruchowitz








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