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Reinstatement of Parental Rights

Children's Representation ProjectUnder  RCW 13.34. 215 a legally free child can petition the court for their parents rights to be reinstated. The circumstances under which a child can file a petition under this chapter are as follows: The child has to have been found to be dependent in WA state, the parental rights were terminated in WA state, the child has not achieved his or her permant plan within three years of a final order of termination and must be at least 12 years old. A child seeking to file a reinstatement petition must be provided an attorney at no cost to the child. 

 Below is a copy of the statute, Children's Administration's written policy regarding this new law and some sample pleadings to assist you in filing a petition.

Reinstatement of Parental Rights Statute

Children's Administration Policy of Reinstatement of Parental Right Law

Petition to reinstate parental rights

Order on threshhold hearing

Order from threshhold hearing

Report for threshhold hearing, and request for an order that a prima facie case has been established

Memorandum regarding hearing on the merits to reestablish parental rights and motion to conditionally reinstate parental rights


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