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WDA has created an expert bank for use by its members and those engaged in indigent defense in Washington State.  This bank was created by the WDA staff.  WDA does not endorse any of these experts, but will provide you with the names of persons who have used them in the past.

Search this Bank

To search this bank, type in your issue in the search box on the upper right hand corner of this site.  This site has live indexing, which means that as you continue to type, any document that contains that key word will then appear.  When you see a document that you believe relates to your topic, click on that document.  You will then be directed to that document. 

To search this bank only, click on the "only in current section" box.

Contribute to the Bank

If you would like to add an expert to the bank or if you would like to provide information regarding an experience that you have had with an expert, please contact WDA staff at

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