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Listserv Information

Information on the listservs hosted by WDA.

ResourcesWashington Defender Association offers practice area email discussion groups where participants may post questions, practice updates, upcoming events and other notices. The Misdemeanor and Felony groups can be subscribed to by anybody practicing in public defense who is not associated with criminal prosecution.  You must be a member of WDA to participate in the other groups.

The Misdemeanor & Felony listservs are moderated by WDA's technical assistance attorneys and are also a source for practice advisories and case law updates generated by the technical assistance attorneys.

Below are various discussion groups offered by the Washington Defender Association:

  • Appellate
  • Children's Representation Project
  • Death Penalty
  • Dependency
  • Felony
  • Immigration
  • Investigation
  • Juvenile
  • Mental Health/ITA
  • Misdemeanor

To sign up for a listserv, submit the listserv form.

Please view the Listserv Policy page for more information on the use of the listservs.

If you are already subscribed to a list, click on the title below to access the archives.

Appellate    Children's Representation Project    Dependency  DPAP  Felony     Immigration     Investigation     Juvenile  Mental Health   Misdemeanor

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