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Listserv Policy

This is the policy statement for listserv subscription.

WDA staff screens our listserv subscription requests to ensure that no member of law enforcement, prosecution or the bench is allowed to join.  To maintain the freedom of discussion that our list members currently enjoy, we ask the following of our subscribers:

  •  Immediately report any change in practice or status that may present a conflict of interest in their list participation.  Reports or questions about potential conflicts can be made to, or you can follow the instructions in the footer of each listserv message to unsubscribe.

Who May Join

The Misdemeanor and Felony groups can be subscribed to by anybody practicing in public defense who is not associated with criminal prosecution.  You must be a member of WDA to participate in the other groups.

Limitations on Use

  • Immediately report any change in practice or status that may present a conflict of interest in their list participation.  Reports or questions about potential conflicts can be made to, or you can follow the instructions in the footer of each listserv message to unsubscribe.
  • Do not forward any listserv correspondence to any person not currently subscribed to the list.  We realize that this may be impossible to regulate once a message is in the hands of hundreds of subscribers, and some postings such as event announcements and news articles may seem safe to circulate freely, but please give first consideration to the integrity of the listservs and the concerns of other subscribers and, unless something is designated as free to be distributed, do not forward.
  • Address specific cases with only as much detail as is required to receive the requested input, leaving out, as much as is practicable, information that would allow other members to identify the case in question.
  • Do not use the lists as a means of self-promotion or advertising.  Referrals, event notices, etc., are acceptable provided that they are posted with the other list members’ benefit in mind.
  • As a nonprofit, WDA is prohibited from participating in any election or partisan political activities.  Any political-related announcements are therefore prohibited on our listservs.

Be Considerate of Others

The WDA listservs are a place to discuss cases, get help from other members and provide help to other members.  We want discussions to be active and productive.  We do not want to censor members’ opinions, but we do want to maintain an environment where all members can comfortably engage without fear of judgment.  With these things in mind, we ask the following of our subscribers: 

  • Do not flame.  We are here to help each others’ practices and encourage the best public defense practices possible.  Attacks on colleagues’ competence will only prevent other members from seeking assistance when they need it.  
  • Do not post unnecessary comments.  If you would like to send a ‘thank you’ or to let someone know they did a good job, do so in a private message to their email address.  Our listservs receive the most sign-offs when they become overly active with non-substantive messages.  Many of us receive dozens of emails every day and even well intended posts can be a nuisance to many subscribers.

Misuse of the Listserv

WDA does not actively police these lists. Some lists are monitored closely by staff; others are less so. We ask you to report any perceived violations of the above rules to our office by emailing Doing so will enable us to act quickly.  Violations of these policies will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and may result in warnings or expulsion from the lists.  Such determinations are at the discretion of WDA staff and/or the WDA board of directors.

Listserv Best Practices 

  • Signatures: Please sign all postings and replies to the list—your “” email address does not identify you to everyone reading your posts or comments. Learn how to set up a signature for your email here.  
  • Email address: If you choose to create a new email address for posting, please do not use “WDA” as part of your email address or as the name of your email. An email address that appears as can be misinterpreted as coming from a list admin. 
  • Identify Your Topic: Please include an easily identifiable topic in your subject line. This makes for better searching and allows readers to easily determine if the message is one they want to read.
  • Replies: Replies to a post go to the entire list by default. Before you post “Hey, Jim! That reminds me; do you want to grab lunch this week?” please amend the address in your email to go to ONLY the person intended. 
  • Listserv Volume Management: Some of our lists receive hundreds of posts a day. Many people deal with this by having the listerv posts bypass their inboxes and go straight to a designated folder. Learn how to set up a filter so listserv posts go straight to a folder.




Any comments, questions or concerns can be addressed to or by calling 206-623-4321.

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