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Immigration Intake Form

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  • It is important for us to know whether client has entered the U.S. multiple times.
    If LPR or refugee, please write date that appears on their card (e.g. "LPR since: ___") in the comments box below. If undocumented, please write in when defendant entered the country. If previously deported, please write in whether defendant was deported by ICE or an immigration judge.
  • Indicate when client obtained lawful status or came to the US or was previously deported.
  • (include what court your client is charged in; please indicate if DV or drug-related, or if there are any gang allegations)
  • Include offense, date of conviction and sentence (including suspended time) for each conviction, in any state or country. Include arrests, deferred adjudications, deferred sentences, juvenile history, or other resolutions. Be sure to indicate if DV or drug-related, or if there were any gang allegations or findings.
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