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WDA’s Immigration Project

In recognition of the severe immigration consequences facing noncitizen defendants accused and convicted of crimes, the Washington Defender Association established the Immigration Project in 1999.

WDA’s Immigration Project focuses its work on three areas:

  • Providing case-by-case immigration-related technical assistance to criminal defense counsel representing noncitizens in criminal proceedings;
  • Offering on-going training and education to criminal defenders, prosecutors, judges and other entities within the criminal justice system; and
  • Participating in collaborative efforts to make the criminal justice system more fair for immigrant defendants and their families.

The WDAIP Team

Annie Benson
Senior Directing Attorney

Telephone: (206) 623-4321 x 107
*Please note* do not contact Annie for case assistance. Rather, use one of the online forms on the case assistance page.



Jonathan Moore
Resource Specialist

Telephone: (206) 623-4321 x 104




Sara Sluszka
Immigration Resource Attorney

Telephone: (206) 623-4321 x 112