Case Support

Case Assistance

(3/17/2020) NOTE: Due to health concerns related to COVID-19, WDA staff is working remotely until it is safe to return to the office. The best way to reach us urgently is by email (though please continue to use the intake form below for all non-urgent matters). We will be checking our voicemail periodically throughout weekdays, but email will be more efficient.

The staff of WDA’s Immigration Project provides case-by-case assistance to criminal defense counsel, individuals, advocates and immigration attorneys representing noncitizens accused of crimes. The purpose of this assistance is to avoid or mitigate immigration consequences, preferably while the noncitizen defendant still remains in criminal proceedings.

How to Get Case Assistance

To contact WDA’s Immigration Project for case assistance, please first complete the brief Intake Form below, and submit it directly to the Immigration Project (either online or via fax or email).  If you need to follow up, you may call or e-mail us. Jonathan Moore provides primary case assistance and can be reached by email or at (206) 623-4321.

Online Adult Immigration Intake Form
Printable Adult Immigration Intake Form

Online Juvenile Immigration Intake Form
Printable Juvenile Immigration Intake Form

Determining Immigration Status Tool

Urgent requests will be handled as capacity allows, but we encourage members to plan ahead as much as possible. If you submitted a request and have not yet received a response in time for a court date (or you learn new information from a client or prosecuting attorney on the day of court), you may request a continuance from the court. Click here for a sample motion that you can adapt to your client’s circumstances (note that it is best to select a non-immigration reason if applicable, in order to avoid disclosing your client’s status unnecessarily).