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2020 Legislative Updates

Parental Volunteering in Schools After Criminal Conviction.  This bill ensures that a parent, legal guardian, or grandparent (hereinafter, “parent”), who has been issued a document demonstrating in innocence, pardon, expungement, and other forms of rehabilitation, cannot be denied because of their past criminal convictions to volunteer in their child’s schools.  It creates a consistent process for all Washington schools to use when assessing a parent who is not eligible to pursue those documents or who has not yet received such a document and an appeals process for those denied.  Washington’s schools should prioritize parental volunteering for the children who have experienced parental incarceration.

Bill Number: HB 2220

This bill did not make it out of committee.


Keeping Parents Facing Prison in Community.  Expanding the Parenting Sentencing Alternatives Programs.  Reunifying parents with support through this sentencing alternative improves the quality of child-parent reunification and improves public safety.  It is counter-productive to leave parents in prison or to send parents to prison who would otherwise be good candidates to serve their final 12 months of imprisonment on electronic home monitoring while completing a successful parenting program.

Bill Number: SB 5291

This bill has passed out of legislative committee.

Please see these comparison charts describing each program option and how they differ.

Comparison Chart PSA 03122020

Comparison Chart CPA 03122020


Full text of the bill as it passed


Making Substitute Caregiving Arrangements.  This bill makes RCW 11.130.915 providing for parental use of power of attorney documents to create minor child caregiving arrangements for up to 24 months effective 90 days after sessions ends in June 2020, instead of January 1, 2021.

Bill Number: 6287

This bill has passed out of legislative committee.

The guardianship bill improves upon last year’s bill in two critical ways:

  1. Parents can use power of attorney documents to make minor caregiving arrangements for up to 24 months starting June 2020.
  2. The court must clearly state rights retained by any parent of the minor even when appointing the guardian, including the entry of orders preserving the parent-child relationship through parent-child visitation and other contact, decision making regarding the minor’s health care, education, or other matter, or access to a record regarding the minor unless findings are entered that allow for restriction under RCW 26.09.191.


Full text of the bill as it passed

Link to last year’s bill



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