Case Support

Case Assistance

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The Incarcerated Parents Project provides case assistance to:

  • Pro se incarcerated and formerly incarcerated litigants in child custody proceedings
  • Public defenders, court appointed defenders and other attorneys representing incarcerated parents in state court proceedings
  • Family members of incarcerated parents and caregivers of children with incarcerated parents


The Incarcerated Parents Project’s case assistance focuses on:

  • Improving access for children and their incarcerated parent to visit each other in person
  • Improving access to alternatives to total confinement at criminal sentencing hearings
  • Improving access to formal programs that provide supported parenting and family reunification during and after parental incarceration.
  • Increasing competency for legal professionals to use the 2013 Incarcerated Parents Bill to advocate for children and their incarcerated parents in dependency proceedings and termination hearings.
  • Increasing competency for legal professionals to advocate at sentencing for conditions of sentence that do not disrupt or interfere with the child-parent relationship
  • Increasing competency for legal professionals to advocate at sentencing for alternatives to confinement for parents facing incarceration.


To contact the Incarcerated Parents Project for case assistance, please complete the brief online intake form, link at the top of this page, or please email D’Adre Cunningham at or call her at (206) 623-4321.

**Please note that IPP responds to technical case assistance questions on Tuesdays and Fridays.**