Case Support

Resources for Everyone

Commonly Asked Questions

This linked page describes commonly asked questions about finding court dates, locating attorneys, and other legal information.


For Parents, Caregivers, Family, and Friends

This linked page contains a list of resources and programs that keep parents in the community with their children; support meaningful connections between incarcerated parents and their minor children; and remove stigmas for children and parents experiencing or who have experienced parental incarceration.


Making Caregiving Arrangements for Children

This page contains frequently asked questions about how to use the new power of attorney for parents who are temporarily unavailable pursuant to RCW 11.130.145 and that became effective June 11, 2020. It contains a questionnaire and downloadable form.  From Northwest Justice Project, external link.

This page contains resources related to families whose members have differing immigration and citizenship status or whose members so not have U.S. citizenship. 

This page is linked to the website for the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). It was created to help people with lived experience of past Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations and who received founded child abuse or neglect findings.  Since these founded findings in Washington State are permanent findings and will not be removed, there is a new process, codified at RCW 74.13.720 and RCW 74.13.730,  to have DCYF issue a certificate of parental improvement that must be accepted by Washington State Department of Social & Health Services, and other state agencies, in the background check process.


Visiting Information 

This page contains the list of federal, state, county, and other local carceral facilities in WA State with hyperlinks to the visiting policies for minor children at those facilities. 

This page includes additional parent support, educational organizations, and legal organizations working with incarcerated parents not otherwise listed on this site. 


Re-Entry Organizations

This page includes organizations led by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals working to remove barriers to successful transition out of jail or prison.


Re-Entry Planning Resources

Successful re-entry takes planning on a variety of different fronts.  This page includes helpful resources and external links that will help you plan.


Social Science Research 

This linked page contains an non-exhaustive list of social science research that supports maintaining child-parent connections during incarceration.