Addressing Bias

Addressing Bias in Delinquency and Child Welfare Systems

This article is designed as a bench card resource for judicial officers hearing child welfare and child criminal court proceedings.  It contains practical tips and considerations for acknowledging, recognizing, and challenging bias as it appears in cases. 


However Kindly Intentioned: Structural Racism and Volunteer CASA Programs

This law review highlights how the program itself operates to give voice to white supremacy and to advance white (and middle class) community norms to the detriment of all poor families in the system, but particularly to families of color, with their voice being framed by the judicial system as common sense, community perspective, and able to ascertain and articulate the child’s best interests.


We Are People.  Resources for Humanizing Language

This hyperlinked web page is housed at the Osborne Association website resources page, which includes many resources for humanizing language in the work to end mass incarceration.  “For individuals and organizations working to dismantle mass incarceration and [to] support the people it affects, there is clear value in respecting and believing in human dignity: to offer opportunities that honor all of our capacities to change.”