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City of Oak Harbor RFQ for Public Defender Services
August 26, 2019 | WDA

The City of Oak Harbor, Washington (“City”) request statements of qualifications from attorneys
experienced in providing Public Defender services for indigent criminal defendants. The City
currently contracts for Public Defender services from Island Defense, LLC. Island Defense
provides defense services for approximately 365 misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor defendants
per year. The City is seeking to contract with additional attorneys to provide legal representation to
defendants that are not able to be represented by Island Defense, LLC due to a conflict. The City is
offering compensation at $75.00/hour for conflict defense services. Defendants will be represented
at arraignment, pretrial hearings, trials or pleas and appeals from the municipal court of limited
jurisdiction to superior court. It is anticipated that there will be between sixty and seventy cases per
year that are represented by “conflict” counsel. The City anticipates that multiple attorneys may
serve as conflict counsel.

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