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Clark County Seeks Indigent Defense Manager
December 5, 2019 | Scott Shoemaker

This position is responsible for providing management and team leadership and direction for Indigent Defense Program. This position manages the administration of a program that directly impacts the public, other county departments, and the courts.

This position is responsible for management with respect to budgeting, forecasting, planning, developing and implementing strategies, policies, procedures that are in compliance with federal and state constitutions (indigent defense), state laws and rules, and other county strategies, policies and procedures. It will be responsible for executing the above duties in a manner that accomplishes goals, priorities and objectives within the specific program and countywide, and that is consistent with goals, priorities and objectives of the department and other county departments, when possible. This includes managing program resources; developing, interpreting, monitoring, adjusting and implementing policies and procedures; and managing daily operations.

The Indigent Defense Manager represents the County Manager’s Office at various meetings and training’s and with the public and ensures department goals, views and positions are served in those interactions. This position responds to the most sensitive of inquiries and complaints, including from the public, and resolves policy and operational issues.

This position establishes precedent for the work of this program and care is exercised in evaluating political and policy ramifications for the department and the County.

As Manager, he/she is responsible for the integrity of the program and fulfilling the county’s obligation to provide quality, independent counsel to parties eligible for indigent defense representation. This component of the position is responsible for program performance, including compliance with federal and state constitutions, state laws, Washington Supreme Court Standards for Indigent Defense, annual state grant provisions, and all aspects of the program’s budget.

Salary Range: $7,475.00 – $10,558.00 per month

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