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Communities Rise Seeks Attorney, Nonprofit Lead
November 12, 2021 | Alison Pagan

About Communities Rise
Communities Rise’s mission is to support movements to build power in communities impacted by
systemic oppression. We foster cross-sector collaboration, and provide capacity building and legal
services for community organizations and small businesses. Before we were Communities Rise we were
two organizations working in collaboration that decided to merge, Wayfind and the Nonprofit Assistance
Center (NAC). Wayfind provided the legal services while NAC focused on capacity building. Fast forward
two years through a global pandemic, and we are still learning what it means to be a fully merged
organization. The pandemic has created opportunities for us to get creative with our strategic planning
process and as an organization decide how we are going to participate in rebuilding the world we would
like to leave for future generations.

About the Legal Team
The Legal Team is diverse and is made up of these current roles: Client Services Coordinator, Attorney –
Small Business Lead, Assistant Director of Learning and Engagement, and Director of Legal Services. After
two of the most significant years in recent times that we have experienced, we are revisiting our goals
and deciding what steps to take to move them forward. We feel the pandemic has called for a new way
of being in the world and moving forward we seek someone who is willing and able to join us on this
evolving journey. The Legal Team is invested in evolving a collaborative and transparent non-hierarchical
structure that allows for the wellness of its individuals in a way that is sustainable for all.

Summary of Position
CR is searching for a full time attorney to join our Legal Team. This position is well suited for someone
who is community-minded, committed to racial equity and self-reflection and shares experiences similar
to the communities we serve. We are seeking someone dedicated to helping us navigate the harms of
the nonprofit industrial complex while working in collaboration with community organizations to assist
them in reaching their legal goals. This position is best suited for those who are committed to unraveling
the status quo in collaboration with others.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.