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Criminal Defense Attorney – Snohomish County Public Defender Association
August 31, 2023 | Erin Stewart

Snohomish County Public Defender Association is a private, non-profit law office that is passionate about our communities. We are seeking a full-time Attorney.

Brave Advocacy, No Judgement, and Fierce Connections. These are the core tenets of Snohomish County Public Defender Association (SCPDA)’s mission to become an Antiracist organization while providing the highest quality legal representation to people facing loss of liberty pursuant to criminal and civil laws. SCPDA is a private, non-profit law office and we are currently accepting applications for a full-time experienced criminal defense attorney.

The ideal candidate will have experience as a criminal defense attorney representing clients accused of Class A offenses and Sex offenses. Candidates must have extensive motions practice and trial experience and should be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Candidates should also have knowledge of the historical and present impacts of the criminal legal system on Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.

Compensation: $103,978.86 – $132,705.86, depending on experience.


·                     Provide legal representation to assigned clients at all stages of legal proceedings.  

·                     Review reports and court pleadings, research legal issues raised by the facts, and counsel clients involved in these proceedings. 

·                     Direct investigation of the case to include regular communication with investigators to monitor the progress of the investigation and follow up with necessary motions, subpoenas, and other discovery methods to assist with the investigation. 

·                     Refer appropriate cases for social work services. Communicates regularly with social workers. 

·                     Visit crime scenes and all other case-related sites. 

·                     Prepare and bring motions. Present legal arguments clearly and logically in written and verbal form. 

·                     Conduct pretrial negotiations with assigned prosecutors. 

·                     Conduct bench trials and jury trials. 

·                     Prepare and argue post-trial motions as needed. Advocate for leniency or alternatives. 

·                     Communicate regularly with clients. 

·                     Work cooperatively with colleagues. Volunteer to provide coverage for other attorneys or other case assignments. Maintain case files and write coverage/transfer memos with sufficient information to allow another attorney to provide effective assistance of counsel. 

·                     Manage caseload within Indigent Defense Caseload standards. 

·                     Comply with continuing requirements to improve effectiveness. Maintain knowledge of current practices and developments in the law. Attend continuing legal education seminars as required by the WSBA. 

·                     Interact with all participants of the criminal justice system in a way that promotes respect, including difficult persons affected by mental health, substance abuse, or other personality disorders.  

·                     Position requires a commitment to zealously defend clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. 

·                     Prioritize collaboration and cooperation in your interactions with all Defenders. Hold yourself accountable when contributing to differences in power and identity, and act in ways that honor the authenticity, value, and dignity of each Defender. 

·                     Seek to cultivate constructive relationships with court stakeholders for the benefit of clients, and represent SCPDA with mindfulness, compassion, and consideration towards others. 

·                     Advance and/or progress toward recognizing and naming racism and other oppressions within our work. 

·                     Intentionally engage in antiracism learning using a framework (for example: Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Action). 

·                     Comply with Rules of Professional Conduct and adhere to Association policies and procedures. 

·                     Participate in meetings as requested. 

·                     Other duties as assigned. 


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