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FFJC Seeks Senior Advocacy & Campaigns Strategist
June 27, 2023 | Alison Pagan

Fines and Fees Justice Center (“FFJC”) is the only national organization focused exclusively on the fines and fees imposed in the justice system.  We work together with affected communities, advocates and justice system stakeholders to eliminate fees in the justice system, ensure that fines are equitably imposed and enforced, and end abusive collection practices.

Initially reporting to the National Advocacy and Campaigns Director, the Senior Advocacy & Campaigns Strategist  (“Strategist”) will be principally responsible for working with the national team to manage the day-to-day operations, relationships, and assistance to fines and fees advocacy efforts across the United States. The Strategist will also work with the National Advocacy & Campaigns team to build coalitions, identify state and local partners, provide strategic and technical assistance to stakeholder groups on fines and fees campaigns, and support legislative advocacy to advance fines and fees reforms. In addition, the Strategist will respond to requests for assistance from advocates, activists, justice system stakeholders and legislators with strategic and technical assistance.

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Maintain and continue to advance the mission of the national Free to Drive and End Justice Fees campaigns, and work on emerging fines and fees issues.
  • In consultation with the National Advocacy & Campaigns Director, and with state-level advocacy groups, develop strategies to launch and execute fines and fees campaigns.
  • Organize and build bipartisan coalitions in states and nationally to advocate for fine and fee reform.
  • Provide ongoing strategic and technical assistance to state and local advocates and community-based organizations, policymakers, and stakeholders on fines and fees related issues.
  • Represent  FFJC at conferences, meetings, and legislative hearings, make presentations, testify, and participate in panel discussions, as needed.
  • Work with the National Advocacy & Campaigns team to track, analyze and prioritize legislation that impacts national campaigns.

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