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Gonzaga University Seeks Fxd Moderate Means Supervising Attorney
January 11, 2021 | Alison Pagan

This position is responsible for Gonzaga Law School’s participation in the statewide Moderate Means Program (MMP). MMP is a collaboration among Gonzaga University School of Law, Seattle University School of Law, the University of Washington School of Law, and the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), designed to expand access to affordable legal representation to individuals who are ineligible for free legal services but unable to afford such services at prevailing market rates.

Essential functions:

  • Recruits Gonzaga law students at a rate which would meet and support MMP’s needs and requirements.
  • Trains law students in MMP intake and processes, to include use of the online case management system, assessment of legal needs, and effective communication with clients.
  • Provides day to day supervision of law students involved with MMP.
  • Provides day to day supervision of the MMP Data Coordinator.
  • Team and Operational Effectiveness:
    Meet regularly, at least once a month, with all direct reports
    Manage performance on an ongoing basis throughout the year
    Create and ensure opportunities for team development through multiple mechanisms and support recognition efforts that build morale
    Steward all resources, including budget, effectively and appropriately
    Meet operational targets, develop innovate solutions, and continuously improve department and operational efforts
    Support and contribute to hiring efforts that meet our operational and mission needs
  • Develop and Support Inclusive Environments:
    Ensure all staff are effectively onboarded to their role.
    Actively build relationships and demonstrate a bias for collaboration.
    Address and resolve conflicts.
    Communicate regularly with all team members through multiple mechanisms.

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