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Governor’s Boards and Commissions Office Seeks Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission Applicants
July 5, 2023 | Alison Pagan

With the support of Reps. Mosbrucker and Simmons, Chapter 241, Laws of 2023, (HB 1114) added several more positions to the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission. These new positions are listed below and become official on 7/23/23.

I am excited to announce that the Governor’s Boards and Commissions Office is ready to accept applications for these positions! Please forward this email to anyone who could bring any of these perspectives to the SGC as it advises the Governor and the Legislature on adult and juvenile criminal sentencing policy. While the SGC is not involved in the appointment process, we are happy to assist the Boards and Commissions Office in creating a pool of applicants.

  • Knowledge of and expertise in academic research in the field of criminology or sociology (Position #20)
  • Behavioral health professional with experience working in the criminal justice system (Position #19)
  • Representing the interests of tribes (Position #18)
  • Public member – formerly incarcerated in the state correctional system, not a prosecutor, defense attorney, judge or law enforcement officer (Position #17)
  • Public member – victim of crime, one of whom is a victim of crime or a crime victims’ advocate, not a prosecutor, defense attorney, judge or law enforcement officer. (Position #14). [The new position is specifically for a person who has been a victim of crime and this position number can be used for the application process.]

To apply, please go to the Boards and Commissions Office website and:

  1. Find and select the Sentencing Guidelines Commission under the drop down menu for the ‘board or commission you would like to be considered.’
  2. In the ‘position you are interested in’ box, choose the position you would like to apply for. I included the position numbers above for reference. If you are uncertain, you may reference the position when completing the “Why do you want to serve on this board or commission?” question.
  3. Fill out the remainder of the application and submit.

Some appointed members may be eligible for compensation while volunteering for the SGC. Please see the Office of Equity’s Community Compensation Guidelines for more information.

Questions related to the positions, the application and/or appointment process contact:

Questions related to the Sentencing Guidelines Commission: visit our website at or contact me.