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Joint RFQ Request for Public Defender Services: Benton County, City of Pasco and Franklin County
May 21, 2019 | Scott Shoemaker

The Benton County Office of Public Defense, Franklin County Office of Public Defense, and City of Pasco Office of Public Defense (“Requestors”) jointly invite the submissions of statements of interest from attorneys interested and qualified to provide contract public defense services in one or more of the listed jurisdictions.

Perfect for private practice! Contracts for public defense services may be offered by one or more Requestors and are mostly anticipated to be “fractional contracts” representing significantly less than 100% of the authorized full-time-equivalent public defense caseload as permitted by the Washington Supreme Court. As such, opportunities accessible through this RFQ are ideal for private practitioners looking to supplement their incomes, or attorneys looking for a base income to support starting a solo practice.

New attorneys welcome. Requestors jointly have the ability to provide significant new-practice support including training, office-setup guides, contacts for office space, mentorship and guidance, and access to necessary software. Therefore, certain opportunities available through this RFQ (depending on qualifications) are new-attorney friendly.

For a full description of the RFQ and instructions on how to apply, click here