Keep Washington Work...

Keep Washington Working Act

Keep Washington Working Act RCW 10.93.160

  • State law enforcement officers and jails are prohibited from asking about citizenship status, place of birth, and other personal information regarding non-citizens and sharing that with immigration officials. Administrative immigration warrants will not be enforced.  It is important to note there are exceptions to this law when a person is held in custody by the Department of Corrections.
  • Law enforcement agencies must notify the Attorney General’s Office if a policy is adopted or not adopted related to the Keep Washington Working Act’s prohibitions.

Courts Open to All Act RCW 2.28.300 and RCW 2.28.310

  • Immigration officials cannot arrest non-citizens attending court unless there is a lawful judicial warrant. Civil administrative warrants for immigration violations can no longer serve as a basis for arrest.
  • Court staff, judges, prosecutors, and prosecutor’s staff are now generally prohibited from asking about citizenship status unless this information is specifically needed to adjudicate a matter. These entities shall not share information about non-citizens with immigration authorities.