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King County DPD Seeks Public Defense Paralegal
May 4, 2021 | Alison Pagan

The Department of Public Defense (DPD) provides high-quality legal representation to indigent clients. DPD practices in several areas, including felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile defense, family defense (dependency cases), involuntary commitment (mental illness), sex offender commitment, and contempt of court. The department also works to address racial disproportionality in the criminal legal system, the collateral consequences of system involvement, and other structural and/or systemic issues that undermine the rights of our clients and their communities. DPD employs attorneys, skilled investigators, mitigation specialists, paralegals, and other support staff. Expert services are regularly funded, in keeping with state court rules.

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About the Position
Public defense paralegals work in a fast-paced environment as part of a client-centered defense team advocating for the client’s objectives. Their duties vary, depending on the needs of the client, but often include researching the law, reviewing cases, analyzing data, and organizing evidence. Paralegals also draft correspondence, pleadings, and motions; prepare case files; assemble trial binders; obtain documents by subpoena; communicate with clients, family members, and others; and coordinate parties and witnesses in advance of hearings and trials.

Job Duties

  • Notify/inform witnesses, attorneys and other parties of case status; coordinate parties and witnesses for hearings or trials; schedule interviews with attorneys and witnesses; set administrative hearings.
  • Perform legal research on statutes and cases; gather facts, analyze data and review cases; conduct conflict of interest checks in cases assigned.
  • Draft correspondence, pleadings, and motions; prepare hearing exhibits; prepare case files and assemble trial binders.
  • Process and serve legal documents/subpoenas. Obtain documents by subpoena and other investigation and discovery methods.
  • Develop and maintain caseload and case assignment tracking systems and databases. Update case files in our computerized case-management system.
  • Assist at hearings.
  • Serve as a liaison with clients, prosecutors, probation officers, bailiffs, judges, and  legal agencies.
  • Support attorney time record-keeping and assist in the submission of hours; monitor progress of cases.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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