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February 19, 2019 | Scott Shoemaker

This position provides court appointed criminal defense services in capital cases in various counties in Oregon. Attorneys who are assigned to a capital case will review charging instruments, police reports, and other discovery provided by the State. The attorneys will meet with clients and learn the client’s goals for the representation and any special needs of the client. Attorneys then determine what further investigation to undertake and direct that investigation. Attorneys determine what legal issues need development, research those issues, and present them in the appropriate forum. The attorney will negotiate with the State and promptly advise the client of the status of the negotiations. The attorney will litigate any legal issues that are necessary and appropriate, including bringing cases to trial. The attorney will also conduct any post-trial litigation necessary such as sentencing and post-trial motions (excluding appeals).

Attorneys on the Capital Team must also be familiar with the investigation, planning, and presentation of a sentencing proceeding should one be needed after a conviction for aggravated murder in Oregon. Attorneys on the Capital Team must be able to investigate and plan this phase of the litigation simultaneously (with a dedicated team) with the culpability phase of the litigation, and should be aware of how the strategies for each phase of litigation impact each other.

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