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NAPD Seeks Executive Director
January 8, 2021 | Alison Pagan

The Executive Director is the public face of the organization, and coordinates/implements NAPD’s Strategic Plan, ensures sound governance of the association, is the primary Team Member to facilitate the engagement of the Steering Committee, supervises the other leadership positions (Training Director, Managing/Operations Director, Engagement Director) and holds the ultimate decision-making authorities of the Team. Specific duties include:

  • Provide strategic decision-making consistent with the original vision as it has evolved through strategic planning processes, with adherence to the NAPD Foundational Principles
  • Undertake long-term strategic planning and sustainability planning
  • Oversee the day-to-day financial and administrative operations of NAPD
  • Supervise the Training Director, Managing/Operations Director, and Engagement Director; and meet weekly with the leadership team, coordinate the monthly setting of goals, invoice review, ongoing performance evaluation policies, and conduct annual evaluations of the leadership team
  • Lead the effort to receive revenues from grants (private and public) as well as potentially non-traditional revenue sources
  • Cultivate allies and partners across the country (law firms, law schools, civil rights projects, community groups, and others) to support NAPD’s work and sphere of influence
  • Identify the need for NAPD to take public positions; help draft and review position statements; staff work groups writing position statements; and develop a communications dissemination strategy
  • Procure and review contracts (staff and other)
  • Pursue revenue opportunities through Systems Builders’ technical assistance and recruiting services, and other opportunities as they may arise (workloads assessments, for example)
  • Staff and participate on NAPD committees, as appropriate
  • Maintain continuity of communications with executive leader members, and non-members (including recruitment); actively participate in Leadership Training and Events (development and teaching); engage in the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members
  • Collaborate with other national membership organizations such as the ABA, NACDL, NLADA; represent NAPD at IDAG meetings; and forge/maintain new relationships with other national groups
  • Be the public face of the organization; respond to incoming media/research requests; oversee social media and websites; and promote the NAPD brand
  • Ensure compliance with by-laws; support Committee Chairs/Steering Committee members; manage Steering Committee membership; and develop secondary leadership

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