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NJP Seeks Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Specialist
February 12, 2021 | Alison Pagan

The Northwest Justice Project (NJP) is a not-for-profit law firm with a mission of Combating Injustice • Strengthening Communities • Protecting Human Dignity.  NJP secures justice for people in or near poverty through high quality legal advocacy that promotes the long-term well-being of low-income individuals, families and communities through legal representation, community partnerships, education and other advocacy.

As a signatory of the Washington Race Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI), NJP has begun a journey to facilitate individual and organizational race equity work.  NJP’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) has provided a framework for the organization to move forward.  In order to assist in this work, NJP is adding the role of DEI Specialist.  The DEI Specialist is crucial for maintaining the momentum of the DEI Committee and facilitating transparency and accountability among all stakeholders with respect to REJI-related work at NJP. Since the DEI is purposed with coordinating REJI-related work at NJP, this position provides dedicated staff hours to crucial committee functions. Primary duties include DEI administrative support tasks and the reporting of REJI progress throughout NJP. This position will also help support statewide advocacy efforts to incorporate race equity into NJP’s advocacy priorities and community engagement activities, in order to advance specific REJI initiatives at NJP. This position has no direct reports and will be supervised by the Deputy Director.  This is a full-time position. This position could be based in Seattle or another NJP office if desired and available.

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