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NJP Seeks Staff Attorney – VOCA | Yakima, WA
May 13, 2020 | Alison Pagan

NJP seeks applications from qualified attorneys to work to address the collateral civil legal needs of persons who have been victims of crime.  Such crimes include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, and other violent acts, trafficking, wage theft, fraud, identity theft, and other financial exploitation.  The crime need not have been prosecuted or reported to law enforcement for the victim to receive civil legal services through NJP.  The ideal candidate would be interested and willing to pursue civil litigation in areas related to housing, consumer protection, family law, public benefits and health care access, and other collateral impacts of victimization (such as protection orders, housing, employment, health care, and education).

The position will work as part of a larger team within NJP and will collaborate as part of a broader team of attorneys serving within the Washington Alliance for Equal Justice.  Applicants should have a desire to work with crime victims and with the agencies that serve them. The lawyer will identify, conduct outreach to, and collaborate closely with victim and other services agencies, law enforcement and others to identify and address the most pressing legal needs of crime victims in the region.   The lawyer will provide limited assistance, including advice and brief services at clinics, as well as representation in litigation, administrative procedures, and other legal matters as resources allow.  VOCA related work undertaken by the Yakima office has included family law litigation, litigating protection orders, housing litigation, and immigration relief.

Starting salary is based upon years of experience, with an annual salary range starting at $63,233 to $118,185.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.