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Office for Access to Justice Seeks Deputy Director
September 12, 2023 | Erin Stewart

The Office for Access to Justice (ATJ) is a standalone agency within the U.S. Department of Justice that plans, develops, and coordinates the implementation of access to justice policy initiatives of high priority to the Department and the executive branch. We work to break down barriers to the founding principle and enduring mission of the Department of Justice: equal justice under law. Our mission is to ensure access to the promises and protections of our civil and criminal legal systems for all communities.

We are hiring for a Deputy Director, Policy, Senior Executive Services (SES) position. This position will serve as one of two Deputy Directors to the Director for the Office for Access to Justice. The Deputy Director is central to ATJ’s mission. The Deputy manages half of the outputs for the Office, supervising all policy teams. The Deputy’s portfolio includes matters that are essential to ensuring that the Department of Justice and the Administration are able to serve the public, including: expanding access to counsel; addressing structural barriers to legal systems; and ensuring the government and court systems, policies and programs are equitable, accessible, comprehensible and navigable for all, including historically underserved populations.

ATJ is seeking candidates with extensive expertise in either civil or criminal access to justice policies and practices including: experience providing direct legal services in a civil legal aid or criminal defense context; experience developing and implementing policies that promote equity in systems and reduce barriers to participation; experience working directly with historically underserved populations.

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