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Pierce County DAC Seeks County Attorney 1 – Misdemeanor
October 19, 2021 | Alison Pagan

We are hiring several Limited Duration positions which may last for up to three years.

Position Summary

Why It’s a Great Opportunity:  The Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel (DAC) provides the opportunity to work in a supportive environment with significant training and opportunities to improve trial skills by providing active courtroom experience with ongoing support.

As a DAC employee you will make a difference in people’s lives and a positive contribution to Pierce County. Attorneys will represent indigent clients in all stages of misdemeanor criminal proceedings, including arraignment, motions, trial, and review hearings.

Why It’s a Great Department:  The DAC provides professional high-quality legal representation to individuals in a variety of settings. The DAC is responsible for the delivery of mandated legal services to indigent persons accused of crimes in the Pierce County Superior Court; Pierce County District Courts; municipal courts in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Fircrest and Ruston; and Pierce County Juvenile Court delinquency proceedings. DAC also provides constitutionally mandated legal services to indigent parents involved in juvenile court dependency and termination proceedings and to persons detained for involuntary civil commitment proceedings at Western State Hospital and other evaluation and treatment facilities. Please see the DAC’s website for our diverse list of services provided.

How to be Successful in the Role:  To succeed in this role you must have strong interpersonal skills, excellent research and writing skills, demonstrated commitment to social justice, and provide quality legal representation and zealous advocacy for indigent clients at all stages of criminal proceedings.

If you are committed to social justice, passionate about advocating for their clients, are prepared and detail-oriented, can adjust to unexpected circumstances, and ask questions when assistance or guidance is needed, then this role is for you. Prior courtroom experience is preferred but not required.

Your Future in this Role:  To advocate for clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, gaining experience and expertise, and progressively taking on new challenging cases and legal issues. New attorneys will have at least one other attorney assigned to a courtroom with them, they will be assigned a mentor, and the Department regularly hosts in-house trainings throughout the year (approximately 18 per year), as well as, provides access to other training resources, including statewide memberships.

Core Daily Responsibilities:

  • Provide legal representation for accused at in-custody arraignment proceedings.
  • Preparation and presentation at pretrial motion practices.
  • Trial preparation, investigation and presentation.
  • Plea negotiation processes.
  • Responsibility to present appeals to Superior Court and provide legal representation during the appellate process.
  • Representation at sentencing proceedings, post-trial motions and revocation proceedings.
  • May supervise Rule 9 Legal Licensed Legal Interns, if eligible.
  • Manage a substantial caseload of clients.
  • Provide legal representation to all eligible clients who are the subject of civil commitment proceedings in superior court, including representation at 72-hour hearings, 14-day hearings, 90-day hearings, 180-day hearings, motions to revise, appeals and other applicable motions practice.
  • Trial preparation, investigation and presentation.

A complete list of duties can be found in the classification description here.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.