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Pierce County Seeks Judicial Assistant for Superior Court
February 7, 2020 | Alison Pagan

Pierce County seeks a Judicial Assistant for Superior Court – Department 11 Judge G. Helen Whitener. The Judicial Assistant in Pierce County performs the statutorily required functions of Superior Court clerk and bailiff, as well as administrative assistant to the Superior Court Judge.  The Judicial Assistant is the Court Officer responsible for communicating with attorneys, litigants, jurors, governmental agencies, victims, press, and members of the public in general to ensure efficient operation of the court.  The Judicial Assistant is responsible for preparing a written record of all court proceedings.  The Judicial Assistant is responsible for all security and administrative issues within the department, coordinating the same with the Superior Court Administrator’s Office so as to best facilitate the overall use of all court time and personnel.  In addition, the Judicial Assistant assists with correspondence and docket management.  This position reports to the Superior Court Judge.

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