Practice Manuals for Defenders

Principles and Leading Cases on Procedures in Personal Restraint Petitions (PRPs) (11.2018)

This resource manual is prepared by staff at the Washington Supreme Court. It discusses the Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) process, appointed counsel, grounds for relief, standard for review, statute of limitations, petitions f...


J. Ron Kessler’s Caselaw Journal 2020 (1.2020)

Ret. King County Superior Court Judge Ron Kessler compiles and shares this comprehensive case law summary annually. This resource is a great tool for quickly finding cases on a specific topic related to criminal law or indigent de...


Defending a Domestic Violence Case

This manual is an overview of some of the issues that arise in defending a domestic violence case. It is available to members only.


Beyond Juvenile Court

This manual is about the long term impact of a juvenile record and concerns what defense attorneys need to know about Collateral and other non-confinement consequences of juvenile adjudications. It is available to the public.


Beyond the Conviction (2017)

This manual is an overview of the consequences of a conviction and what an an attorney needs to know to provide competent counsel on sentencing issues. It is available to the public.


Adult Sentencing Practice in Washington

This manual provides an overview and discussion of various sentencing strategies and options. The primary author of the most recent version is by Travis Stearns. It is available to members only.