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RFQ: Benton County Office of Public Defense Seeks Contract Felony Attorney
September 6, 2018 | Scott Shoemaker

The Benton County Office of Public Defense seeks statements of qualifications from qualified attorneys to provide public defense services in its Benton County Superior Court Team.

For all felonies in Superior Court except for homicides and persistent offender cases
• Annual compensation for $95,200
• This RFQ does not have a deadline. However, the need for an attorney to fill this contract is imminent and the contract may be awarded immediately as Benton County sees fit. Therefore early or immediate submission of application is recommended.
• Contract compensation of $635 (2018 rate) per case credit (see details for case credit calculation) and is scheduled to increase to $680 per case credit for 2019-2020.
• Equivalent annual compensation for 2019-2020 is $95,200
• Trial per diem of $400 per day in trial ($200 for half days)
• Annual caseload maximum of up to 145 cases
• Annual compensation of $88,900 (at 2018 rate)
• One contract to be awarded
• Contract period to be ASAP – December 31, 2020

Click here for additional information and instructions on how to apply.

Click here to download an application.