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Seeking: Letters of Interest with Kitsap County Office of Public Defense
September 18, 2023 | Erin Stewart

Call for Letters of Interest

Kitsap County’s Office of Public Defense is currently seeking letters of interest from attorneys who may wish to contract with the County in 2024 to provide representation for indigent people in Kitsap County whose liberty interests are in jeopardy due to State action. We are currently seeking attorneys providing representation in the following areas:

• Homicide prosecutions in Superior Court
• Felony prosecutions in Superior Court
• Felony arraignments/ calendar coverage in Superior Court
• Gross misdemeanor/ misdemeanor prosecutions in District Court
• RALJ appeals to Superior Court
• Therapeutic Court representation – Behavioral Health Court
• Therapeutic Court representation – Adult Drug Court & Veteran’s Court
• Involuntary Commitment Cases – Superior Court
• Civil Commitment Cases – Superior Court
• Dependency Proceedings – Superior Court
• Arraignments in Juvenile Court
• Criminal prosecutions and other representation in Juvenile Court
• Juvenile Drug Court
• Individualized Treatment Court – Juvenile
• Girls Court – Juvenile

In your letter of interest please clearly indicate each contract(s) you are interested in providing representation pursuant to, the attorney( s) you envision handling the representation and their relevant background and experience, the maximum and/or minimum number of cases you desire to receive per month pursuant to each contract(s) and the amount of compensation you desire for the work required by the contract(s ). Please submit your letter of interest directly to me at the e-mail below no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. Please direct any questions to me at that e-mail or the phone number listed.

Thank you,

Steven M. Lewis