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Snohomish County Office of Public Defense Seeks Director
February 19, 2019 | Scott Shoemaker

Snohomish County Office of Public Defense seeks Director to plan, organize, coordinate and direct the operations of the Office of Public Defense.

  1. Plans, organizes coordinates and directs the operations of the Office of Public Defense, in accordance with State and local laws, rules, regulations and standards, including, management of contracts for indigent defense services, operations related to indigency screening and pre-trial services.
  2. Directs, supervises and evaluates the work of subordinates; provides assistance, training, guidance and performance appraisal to employees; selects, hires, promotes and disciplines employees as necessary.
  3. Coordinates activities and departmental operations with other state and county departments and agencies such as the State Office of Public Defense, the Executive’s Office, Corrections, Budget and Finance, Information Services, the Prosecutor’s Office, the courts, the Bar and law enforcement agencies, and proposes improvement in efficiencies and quality of service.
  4. Drafts, negotiates, processes and administers all contracts for indigent criminal defense, civil commitment proceedings, therapeutic courts, contempt proceedings and other indigent representation, as required; performs direct representation of indigent defendants, as needed.
  5. Prepares submits and defends annual departmental budget; prepare and/or supervises the preparation of departments program plans, policies, goals and objectives, and funding requests; administers the approved departmental budget, monitors expenses, prepares requests for supplemental and emergency appropriations and otherwise is responsible for all fiscal matters of the Office of Public Defense.
  6. Develops policies, procedures and regulations for the delivery of indigent defense services, including the development and implementation of procedures for contract attorney selection, pursuant to State and Local public defense standards and, ethical obligations.
  7. Develop and implement procedures to monitor the delivery of services and compliance with policies and procedures by contract criminal defense counsel, and makes recommendations for more efficient operations.
  8. Oversees the development of policies and procedures for pre-trial release           information to the district and superior courts with the approval of the presiding judges of those courts.
  9. Upon delegation by the courts, develops policies and procedures for determinations of indigency in conformity with Chapter 10.101 RCW and subject to the approval of the presiding judges.

For more detailed information, including instructions on how to apply, click here.