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Spokane City Council Office seeks Manager of Neighborhood Connectivity Initiatives
November 9, 2022 | Chinami Arai


The City of Spokane is committed to supporting strategies and initiatives that create a safe and healthy community where all people can feel safe, empowered and welcome within our city boundaries and the larger region. The City Council, Mayor of Spokane, City staff, state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, public and private partners, and our residents must work together to advance public safety and neighborhood vitality and increase the vibrancy and economic success of Spokane through increasing pedestrian safety and neighborhood walkability, protecting vulnerable populations and increasing the ease of use of a variety of transportation modes in our community. The Manager of Neighborhood Connectivity Initiatives (“Manager”) plays a key role in this commitment through research, policy analysis, report-writing, financial planning, and public engagement on transportation policy issues.


In this role you will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan, coordinate, facilitate and manage stakeholder working groups to support related City Council priorities, including delegating tasks to Legislative Assistants when needed.
  •  Evaluate the impact of new or proposed legislation on City resources and policy goals.
  • Gather, assemble, analyze, and evaluate facts to draw logical conclusions; make recommendations and prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive written reports which require displaying and presenting statistical, graphical, and other reporting methods to audiences of varying technical sophistication.
  • Review policy language for accuracy and understanding by constituents.
  • Manage administrative aspects of projects (e.g., timelines and resources).
  • Write, compile, and edit proposals and project reports.
  • Serve as Council Liaison on Red Light and School Radar Traffic Calming Programs.
  • Serve as the Transportation Benefit District Administrator and oversee the Citizen Transportation Advisory Board.
  • Manage the Council side of the above two programs, including tracking multi-million-dollar budgets and the progress of projects and project proposals.
  • Develop revenue and financing strategies for Council initiated transportation programs.
  • Prepare and deliver oral presentations summarizing key elements of analysis and recommendations.

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