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AOC Supreme Court Commissions Team Seeks Court Program Assistant
November 29, 2023 | Erin Stewart

The Supreme Court Commissions team at the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is seeking a Court Program Assistant to provide a broad range of administrative and programmatic support for three Supreme Court Commissions: the Minority and Justice Commission, the Gender and Justice Commission, the Interpreter and Language Access Commission, and the Tribal State Court Consortium. The Supreme Court Commissions are focused on equity and access to justice in Washington State Courts, including: racial justice, gender equity, and language access. The Tribal State Court Consortium is a joint effort between state and tribal court judicial officers to build relationships and expand collaboration.

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Closing date: December 10, 2023

More information:

This position supports the work of a team of skilled policy analysts and program coordinators. The person in this role provides project assistance to AOC staff in planning, coordinating, communicating, and implementing various Commission and Consortium programs, projects, and initiatives. It requires the ability to learn and implement a variety of processes, procedures, and policies related to the Administrative Office of the Courts. Key knowledge, skills, and abilities for this position include: organization, good communication and writing skills, the ability to prioritize among multiple projects, good time management, attention to detail, and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. An understanding of and interest in improving equity and access to justice in the court system is important for this position.