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Swinomish Defense Services Seeks Social Worker
June 21, 2022 | Alison Pagan

Swinomish Defense Services (SDS) provides legal representation to persons charged with crimes in Swinomish Tribal Court. SDS also endeavors to address the collateral consequences of criminal legal system involvement and other structural and systemic issues that undermine the rights of our clients and their ability to be successful. The SDS Social Worker is a key member of a two-person defense team. Under the supervision of the Public Defender, the SDS Social Worker conducts social work and case-related tasks to support clients prior to case resolution; after disposition, through probation and diversion programs; and with re-entry post-incarceration.

• Engage, develop and maintain quality relationships with clients
• Honor client agency and advocate as needed to support client objectives
• Administer screening and assessment tools to determine client needs
• Assist clients in developing safe, appropriate and client-centered Action Plans that document strategies and
measurable objectives to meet legal, social and health goals
• Connect clients to long or short-term community-based resources to meet Action Plan goals
• Interview and engage collateral resources like families, lay people and experts
• Write informational memoranda and reports
• Maintain updated records and files on all cases
• Support and counsel clients and their families navigating criminal legal systems
• Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with community-based service providers
• Participate in community collaboration for resource development; maintain current knowledge about
resource availability; create and maintain database of contact information
• Provide continuous assessments to assure client goals and objectives are current
• Provide quality discharge planning to help client achieve their Action Plan goals
• Conduct quality improvement activities to assure outcomes are meeting program goals
• Foster communication with tribal, federal and state probation offices; community outreach organizations,
and social services providers; create and maintain database of contact information
• Maintain familiarity with current and developing best practices for the client community
• Provide services in a manner that supports the Social Work Code of Ethics and SDS’s ethics policies
• Perform other job duties as assigned

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