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Teamchild seeks a senior attorney: post-conviction law
March 24, 2023 | Chinami Arai

TeamChild is a unique, values-driven organization that is boldly committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that supports collaboration, inclusion, shared-accountability, distributed power, and non-hierarchical operations. At its core, TeamChild fights for effective solutions and community-driven strategies that nurture and develop the health and wellbeing of youth, instead of exclusion and incarceration. Individuals who work for TeamChild are naturally aligned with the following:
● A commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression, intersectional equity analysis.
● A focus on relationship building.
● An ability to listen with an open mind and a deep commitment to including and respecting diverse viewpoints.
● Values collaboration and inclusive decision-making.
● A proactive, passionate, and collaborative attitude.
● A foundation of self-awareness that provides space for learning and growth.


• Directly represents clients who are impacted by juvenile court involvement or declined to adult court with a focus on cases involving post-conviction and other related legal issues. This includes:

  • Self-advocacy assistance, advice and counsel, negotiation, representation in administrative hearings,
    litigation in state and federal court, and administrative and policy advocacy
  •  Co-counseling cases with other TeamChild Staff Attorneys and Managing Attorneys
  •  Focus on cases involving litigation to reduce incarceration
  •  Stays up to date on legal developments in the areas of post-conviction law
  •  Maintains a reduced client case load in order to provide consultation, case support, and co-counseling
    opportunities for staff attorneys and managing attorneys
  •  Maintains timely and accurate records in accordance with internal case management duties, reporting
    requirements, records retention schedules, laws and regulations, ethics and conflicts of interest, and other
  •  Conducts outreach and training to increase the capacity of youth and communities to be self-advocates,
    professionals and stakeholders to advance awareness about post-conviction rights issues, and inform the public
    about TeamChild’s services, based on need and capacity
  •  Travels throughout Washington State as needed
  •  Being flexible to the nature of providing legal representation to youth
  •  Exhibits work performance consistent with the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct Support
  • Consults with and supports Staff Attorneys and Managing Attorneys in their post-conviction advocacy by advising and sharing resources about case strategies, including contributing to internal case handling manual on topics related to areas of expertise
  •  Facilitates collaborative learning opportunities and trainings about post-conviction law within the organization
  •  Cultivates relationships with defense attorneys and volunteers for collaboration and referrals
  •  Participates in or coordinates representation of TeamChild in external workgroups, task forces, and other collaborations related to their substantive area of focus
  •  Educates policymakers and stakeholders on post-conviction law related issues, in collaboration with
    TeamChild’s Director of Policy and Advocacy
  •  Writes organized and concise public and internal reports regarding developments in post-conviction law and the needs of our client community
  •  Works collaboratively on teams with a spirit of cooperation to support any of TeamChild’s advocacy, litigation, and internal organizational development. This includes reviewing relevant case documents, timely response to requests for case support, attending meetings, and participating in internal work groups
  • Supports staff in offices where there are vacancies or extended periods of leave
  •  Collaborates with other TeamChild staff to plan and develop agency priorities, goals, and objectives; and prepare annual program and performance reports
  •  Consistently applies and enthusiastically supports the values, mission, and goals of TeamChild
  •  Exercises discretion, independent judgment, and ethical approaches in job performance
  •  Performs other duties, as assigned through collaborative team decision making and by Director of Legal Services

We are seeking candidates who are committed to social justice and are passionate legal advocates for youth. Candidates should work well both independently and as a team member, be respectful and passionate about working with people from diverse backgrounds, enjoy creative problem solving, and value the creation of relationships across disciplines.
Additional qualifications include:
• Exceptional legal skills, preferably in the relevant areas of law: school discipline, special education, McKinney
Vento, school-based bullying and harassment, school-based discrimination, institutional education, or other areas of youth-related law (preference for 5 years or more of legal experience)
• Experience attending school meetings with students and families, especially IEP meetings, school discipline
hearings, reentry meetings, and other forms of school advocacy
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills
• Member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association or eligible for reciprocity or willing to seek
admission to the Washington State Bar Association
• Demonstrated competence working with youth, especially adolescents, and diverse people and communities
• High level of integrity; commitment to following the Rules of Professional Conduct and upholding ethical standards, including client confidentiality and zealous advocacy for client-directed goals
• Must have a valid driver’s license and ability to travel throughout the state to meet client and agency needs
(Including access to a vehicle to meet daily client needs within the first 90 days of employment)
• Strong organizational, technology (case management systems, Microsoft Suite), and project management skills
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with community stakeholders (other advocates and social service
providers) and co-workers
• Anti-racist analysis and commitment to undoing institutional racism and other forms of oppression
• Demonstrated alignment with TeamChild Values: Centering Youth, Anti-Racism, Wholeness, Accountability
• Personal connection with our client communities preferred, including lived experience with juvenile court, criminal court, foster care, homelessness, and special education

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