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The Seattle Office for Civil Rights Seeks Criminal Legal System Strategic Advisor
December 1, 2021 | Alison Pagan

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) is seeking a leader who will help the City reduce the use of the criminal legal system to address issues related to poverty, mental health, and substance use. The position will play an integral role in advancing the policy goals of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and its Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI).

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) works to achieve race and social justice, advance and protect civil rights, and end barriers to equity in the City of Seattle. We enforce local and federal discrimination rights laws in employment, housing, public places and contracting within Seattle city limits, as well as civil rights protections such as Seattle’s all-gender restroom ordinance, ban on providing conversion therapy to minors ordinance, and Fair Chance Housing ordinance. SOCR educates the public on the laws that protect all of us and helps businesses and housing providers operate free of discrimination.

The Policy Division’s Criminal Legal System Project advances Seattle’s commitment to social justice and ending institutional racism, ableism, and transphobia, in the criminal legal system through strategies premised upon the principle that those most impacted by–and those historically absent from–reform discussions are given the capacity and space to lead efforts to transform the current system.?These efforts have included work to support the City’s commitment to reach zero youth detention, the Seattle Reentry Workgroup and accompanying Reentry Report (Download PDF reader) and the 2020 Community Taskforce on the Criminal Legal System (Download PDF reader). The Strategic Advisor will be a member of the Policy Division and report to the Policy Manager.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.