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Thurston County Seeks Defense Attorney
December 23, 2021 | Scott Shoemaker

Thurston County Public Defense Mission: “To Defend and Protect Our Clients’ Constitutional Rights, One Person at a Time”

Thurston County Public Defense is currently recruiting for one (1) full-time Defense Attorney position. A Defense Attorney practices in either District Court, Juvenile Court, or Superior Court  with moderate to minimum supervision and/or general direction from a higher-level defense  attorney. Immediate placement for this position will be in the Superior Court Unit for felony  representation consistent with summary of duties outlined below.  Depending upon qualifications, the successful applicant will be placed either at a Defense Attorney II , or Defense Attorney III level. The Defense Attorney III is distinguished from the  Defense Attorney II classification by years of experience and the ability to handle a full priority  felony caseload and assists other attorneys in matters of trial strategy, tactics, and legal  research and analysis. For a detailed job description, including instructions on how to apply, click here.