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Thurston County Seeks Superior Court Administrator
February 28, 2022 | Alison Pagan

The Superior Court Administrator is the chief executive officer of the Superior Court of Thurston County and exercises broad discretion to provide critical, effective and efficient services of Superior Court. The Court Administrator reports to the Presiding Judge and has administrative authority for all nonjudicial aspects of the Court, including personnel, budget, and court operations.

A successful candidate will be expected to further the mission of the Court as a separate branch of government by effectively implementing the goals and decisions of the Superior Court Board of Judges. The Superior Court Administrator is an appointed, “at-will” position and serves at the pleasure of the Superior Court Judges.

The Superior Court Administrator oversees all operational programs and administers the operating budget. A successful candidate will be the Court’s liaison to our community partners, county stakeholders, criminal justice partners, and other interested organizations. This position also serves as a liaison between the Washington Association of Superior Court Administrators and Thurston County Superior Court. As the executive manager for a staff of 49, including 5 managers and 1 supervisor, the position ensures the staff have the training and resources they need to be successful and creates a professional and compassionate workplace.