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washington coalition for police accountability seeks a Communications and Outreach Consultant
April 3, 2023 | Chinami Arai

WCPA seeks consultants with expertise in public-facing communications strategies and activities in support of daily work, campaigns, and long-term goals. This includes to:
● Assess, update, and help manage WCPA’s website and social media presence
● Develop messaging for fundraising and outreach appeals, including written calls to action and tactics for campaign momentum.
● Assess and update WCPA’s logo and identity guide
● Work with WCPA policy and data experts to prepare graphics, handouts, and other materials, including press releases, livestreams, talking points, and education materials for various campaigns.
● Develop feasible outreach goals and practices to increase ally involvement throughout the state

● Work with local, state, and national media to pitch and advance stories, and secure editorial board meetings.
● Support rapid communications response and emergent needs. Specific deliverables between May 15 and December 31, 2023, in priority order
● Develop an overall communications strategy that integrates our purpose (listed above)
● Help WCPA implement a CRM platform using Salesforce
● Develop Fundraising campaign
● Develop individual campaigns for HB 1025, HB 1445, and HB 1513
● Assist in a minimum of 12 items for the WCPA website including blog posts for the “Dirty Dozen” campaign and blog posts for the “Officer Friendly” campaign
●The Dirty Dozen campaign is part of the HB 1025 work
● The Officer Friendly campaign is a continuation of ongoing implementation from 2021 legislation regarding officer misconduct complaints
● Create a template for “calls to action”
● Create template for WCPA press releases, and assist in a minimum of two press releases
● Help WCPA develop a Fall 2023 education campaign including:
● Op Eds
●Letters to the Editor
● Education/events about bills for 2024 session

Qualifications and Expectations
We seek an individual or consulting firm prepared to work in an intense environment due to both the
centering of impacted families and the fierce opposition from law enforcement. The ideal candidate will
understand the challenges of pushing an agenda to change a culture rooted in historically harmful
traditions and wrongs. Desired qualifications include:

● Interest in and affinity for the mission and work of the WCPA.
● Excellent written and oral communication skills.
● Three or more years of experience in digital communications, including working with CRM and social media.
● Experience advancing advocacy campaigns for organizations.
● Experience in fast-paced productive environments and comfortable with flexibility and change.
● Diplomatic, empathetic, kind, and caring.
● Excellent anti-racist lens and interpersonal skills.
● Sound judgment and discretion.
● Willing to work a flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends

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