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Washington Courts Seeks Project Coordinator
February 2, 2021 | Alison Pagan

This position reports to the Administrative Manager of the Supreme Court Commissions and will be working closely with the Gender and Justice Commission (GJC). The GJC was established by the Washington Supreme Court in 1994 to monitor and implement the recommendations from the report: Gender and Justice in the Courts, Washington State, 1989. In order to gain a better understanding of gender bias in the courts today, the Commission is currently evaluating the status of the recommendations from the 1989 Report and undertaking further study in new priority areas, with a focus on the intersection of gender and race, poverty, and other identities.

The purpose of the Commission is to identify concerns and make recommendations regarding the equal treatment of all parties, attorneys, and court employees in the State courts, and to promote gender equality through researching, recommending, and supporting the implementation of best practices; providing educational programs that enhance equal treatment of all parties; and serving as a liaison between the courts and other organizations in working toward communities free of bias.

Additional information about the Gender and Justice Commission may be found at: 

This is a senior professional level job that works with minimal supervision and applies independent judgment and decision making on complex, and highly technical, major projects. Manages participation of diverse stakeholder groups in development, implementation and evaluation of significant, high-impact changes to judicial programs, court processes, practices, and staffing to improve the efficiency/effectiveness and integrity of court operations as well as enhance consumer experiences and outcomes.

Performs legal writing and editing related to the Domestic Violence Manual for Judicial Officers, Sexual Violence Bench Guide for Judicial Officers, and other judicial and court staff resources maintained by the Washington State Supreme Court Gender and Justice Commission.

Interacts regularly with judicial committees, court staff, and AOC staff. May supervise/review the work of other professional staff and support staff.

For more information, including how to apply, click here: Washington Courts Seeks Project Coordinator Announcement 2021-04