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Washington Defender Association and WACDL Seek Lobbyist
August 9, 2018 | Mana

The Washington Defender Association (WDA) and Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL) seek a lobbyist to start in October 2018. WDA and WACDL are 501(c)(3) non-profit professional membership organizations that provide training and assistance to public defense and criminal defense lawyers in Washington State. Together, we have memberships of over 2,000 defense professionals.

WACDL and WDA have collaborated in legislative advocacy efforts since 1987. Our legislative efforts focus on adult and juvenile criminal law, as well as BECCA, civil commitment and dependency law. Our joint legislative committee directs and supervises our advocacy efforts, which are coordinated by the legislative consultant/advocate and the executive directors of the two organizations. The WDA/WACDL legislative committee meets weekly during the session and on an as-needed basis in the off-session. We normally expect to contract for about 620 hours during “long session” years, and about 560 hours during “short session” years. Although this position is year-round, it is expected that the majority of time spent on the contract will be during the session.

Typical activities:

  • Participate in WACDL/WDA committee meetings;
  • Assist in drafting legislative proposals;
  • Assist in tracking legislation;
  • Coordinate on our issues with legislators, legislative staff, and other legislative advocates;
  • Assist WDA/WACDL members testifying before legislative committees and workgroups;
  • Testify before legislative committees and workgroups as needed;
  • Assist in preparing testimony and background material for legislators as needed; and
  • Represent WACDL and WDA on committees and workgroups as needed.
  • Provide political and public policy advice to WDA and WACDL that is informed by an understanding of the political system;
  • Keep abreast of political developments that might affect WACDL and WDA and pass on this information along with advice on any response that might be required;
  • Identify key stakeholders within the legislative community on our issues and maintain relationships with these individuals.

Qualifications: Knowledge of Washington State legislative process. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. A background in law, legal issues, criminal defense, criminal justice, and/or public relations are a plus.

To Apply: For further information, please contact Christie Hedman at 206-623-4321 or Amy Hirotaka at 206-623-1302. To apply, send resume to

Application Deadline: August 24, 2018