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Washington OPD Seeks Attorney Representation for Indigent Parents in Dependency and Termination Cases
November 14, 2023 | Erin Stewart

The Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD) Parents Representation Program (PRP) currently provides state funded attorney representation and case support services to indigent parents, custodians and legal guardians involved in child dependency and termination of parental rights proceedings in all Washington counties.

Benton Franklin Counties: Up to one part-time caseload of 25% (20 open and active dependency & termination cases), open until filled. Start date is negotiable.

Yakima County: Up to one part-time caseload of 50% (40 open and active dependency & termination cases), open until filled. Start date is negotiable.

The approximate caseload and annual compensation for a full-time attorney is 80 cases and between $169,000 to $182,134. Part-time attorney position compensation is pro-rated based on a percentage of a full-time case load. Compensation includes all overhead such as support staff, rent, and other costs of doing business. Compensation is dependent on experience.

If interested, follow the application procedures below.

PRP Purpose Statement: Ensuring a fair and equitable child welfare system by leading, administering, and supporting the effective and efficient delivery of multidisciplinary right-to-counsel services for indigent parents facing state intervention in the parent-child relationship.


The following qualifications are required:

• Licensed member of good standing with the Washington State Bar.
• Ability to meet Washington State Supreme Court Standards for Indigent Defense.
• A demonstrated commitment to parents’ rights, indigent defense, and social justice issues.
• Experience or interest in how race, gender, national origin, disability, and class intersect to create disparities for individuals and families experiencing state intervention in their lives and a willingness to challenge the state when it exists.
• Experience and/or ability to provide representation with energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to traumainformed, anti-racist, intersectional, non-judgmental, and truly holistic advocacy throughout the case.
• Familiarity with RCW 13.34 and court rules pertaining to dependency and termination cases.
• Be responsive to, and communicate clearly with, clients who are often under great stress.
• Collaborate and develop working relationships with other parties and all child welfare stakeholders.
• Experience in the court for which you are interested is preferred, but not required.

Application Procedure

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. To apply, email a letter of interest identifying your
qualifications and a resume. Letters of interest should also describe applicant’s current contracts for public defense
or other representation, as well as existing caseload, specifying the number of your current dependency and
termination cases, if any.

Email Materials to:
Ryan Siu, Paralegal

Please address any questions to Ryan Siu at the above email address.

OPD reserves the right to amend this Request for Qualifications and reserves the right to refrain from contracting with any and all applicants. This Request for Qualifications does not obligate the state of Washington or OPD to contract for the services specified here.