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Washington State DOL Seeks Hearings Examiner (HE3)
November 3, 2023 | Erin Stewart

At Department of Licensing (DOL), we work hard to create a culture where employees feel valued and respected. Employees are trusted and encouraged to be a part of process improvements that impact their work, create value for our customers, and help build trust in our government.

Our Programs and Services Division (PSD) has a unique opportunity for multiple attorneys statewide with excellent interpersonal communication skills both orally and in writing to join our team as Hearing Examiners within the Hearings and Interviews Unit. 

We are one of the most public facing state agencies and the second largest revenue generating agency in Washington State. We regularly interact with over 6 million Washington residents and collect nearly $3.2 billion in taxes and fees annually. We know our services are essential to our customers’ ability to live, work, drive, and thrive and we are committed to ensuring every resident has equitable and meaningful access to our services.

Are you an attorney with impeccable writing skills that is seeking work-life harmony? If so, we invite you to apply!


As our Hearings Examiner you will preside over administrative hearings to adjudicate disputes between licensees and the Department. Working under tight deadlines, you will consider evidence, rule on motions and objections, and write legally sound decisions to uphold or rescind the Department’s sanctions against driving privileges. You will have the authority to make final decisions after considering all evidence and legal arguments. In this role, you are instrumental in providing the due process infrastructure that is necessary for us to help every Washington resident live, work, drive, and thrive.

Some of what you will do:

  • Preside over adjudicative hearings/interviews to establish a lawfully completed record in an orderly and efficient manner.
  • Knowledgeably and decisively verbalize on the audio record various rulings on motions and evidentiary objections.
  • Create and type findings of fact, conclusions of law, and order rescinding or sustaining the department’s actions, addressing all arguments utilizing word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Pro.
  • Perform legal research by using electronic research tools, analyze relevant law, and determine the application of law to the facts.
  • Review audio and video evidence.
  • Read and analyze defense briefs, motions, and departmental record.
  • Rule on matters preliminary to the hearing including subpoena requests, motions to strike, and continuance requests.

For Full Description and to Apply: