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Washington State Human Rights Commission Seeks Civil Rights Investigator 1
August 14, 2020 | Alison Pagan

The mission of the the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) is to eliminate and prevent discrimination in Washington State through the fair application of the law, efficient use of resources, and establishment of productive partnerships in the community. WSHRC was created by the Legislature in 1949, the WSHRC is responsible for administering and enforcing the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD).

You need to be someone that has the ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret information, testimony and data.  You need to be an effective communicator (multi-lingual is a bonus) verbally and in writing.  You will need to be an active listener with the ability to summarize what has been communicated with reasoned, persuasive communications, reports and determinations. You will need to be someone that can maintain  professional, tactful and courteous behavior while interacting with parties, the public, and co-workers while negotiating the resolution of disputes.

This is a great stepping stone for your career!  This is an entry level investigator position that supports the ongoing mission of the WSHRC to prevent and eliminate discrimination.  If you love to be challenged and enjoy a variety of duties that has individual and statewide impact, this job provides that valuable experience as well.  You will get the foundation, tools, and experience to advance to higher level positions.  If you feel the need to be empowered, engaged, and motivated as you work with like-minded individuals, we encourage to apply and be part of our dynamic team!

For more information, including how to apply, click here.