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Representing Noncitizens Under the Immigration Policies of the Trump Administration [1%]
The Scarlet Letter: Obtaining Relief from the Duty to Register as a Sex Offender [1%]
WDA's Incarcerated Parents Project Webinar: Effectively Engaging Incarcerated Parents in Dependency Court Proceedings [1%]
WDA and Office of Civil Legal Aid's CLE: Representing the Legal Interests of Preverbal Children [1%]
Firearms Part 2: Gunshot Residue and Toolmarks for Criminal Defense Lawyers and Investigators [1%]
WDA: Making the Record [1%]
WDA: Almost Everything You Need to Know about Adoption [1%]
The Basics of DSHS Involved Adoptions [1%]
Firearms: Fundamentals of Function and Forensics for Attorneys and Investigators [1%]
WDA's Investigator Network's CLE: Evidence for Investigators [1%]
Getting Them Ready: K – 12 Supports for Students in Foster Care [1%]
Consequences of Conviction: How Criminal, Juvenile & Dependency Attorneys Can Work Together to Help Keep Families Intact [1%]
Implementing Holistic Defense Strategies: Family Law for Public Defenders [1%]
The Writ of Habeas Corpus: A Defender’s Sword [1%]
Keeping Out Extrajudicial Statements in DV Cases and Beyond: Identifying Hearsay, Fighting Exceptions, and Excluding Impeachment as Substantive Evidence in Washington (Lavaris). [1%]
Relating Medical Diagnoses to DUIs: The Effects of Illness and Medications on Field Sobriety Testing and Blood and Breath Alcohol Tests [1%]
Parenting Beyond Bars II: Mitigating Familial Separation Due to Parental Incarceration in Criminal Proceedings [1%]
Obama, the Republicans and Your Undocumented Clients: Resolving Cases to Preserve Eligibility for New Paths to Lawful Status [1%]
Defending Immigrant Clients with Mental Illness [1%]
WDA: Defending the Homeless By Challenging Camping Ordinances [1%] web by NPower Seattle