Investigators Network

The WDA Investigators Network (WDAIN) was created in the fall of 2014 to advance the effectiveness, quality, and availability of indigent criminal defense investigation throughout Washington state.

Initial WDAIN priorities include

  1. Outreach and recruitment of defense investigators into WDAIN, particularly in regions away from the I-5 corridor.
  2. Promotion of peer networking and expertise-sharing via the WDA Investigator listserv and in-person events.
  3. Development of relevant and accessible training and meaningful accreditation opportunities and scholarships.
  4. Advocacy for appropriate funding of effective indigent defense investigation.

Contact Joe Kelly for information about outreach to the Criminal Defense Investigation community for needs and strengths assessment and recruitment.

Contact Janna Richards about training and curriculum development.

Join WDA’s Investigator Listerv to communicate with your fellow investigators.

WDA IN meets monthly.  Contact Cindy Arends Elsberry about how to get involved.

Input from all WDA members will be considered as we hone in on specific projects, programs, and offerings, so please chime in with your thoughts, needs, and ideas. And please share and forward this to stakeholders we may have overlooked.

The WDAIN goal is to ensure that all indigent WA defendants and their attorneys have access to effective investigation, in a network that leverages and advances knowledge and performance.