Litigating Race Training

2019 WDA Defender Conference: Game Changing Strategies for Public Defenders

Activity ID # 1113200 Video Passwords: WDA What you Need to Know: Policy and Legislative Update Presented by Christie Hedman, Executive Director, Washington Defender Association and Kelly Vomacka, Attorney, Law Office of Kelly Vom...


Improving Jury Diversity in Washington: Batson Issues and More (1.16.2015)

This webinar dsicusses the factors that contribute to lack of diversity in the pool of jurors who appear for jury duty, as well as learning about recent and evolving developments in the law regarding Batson issues.


Batson and Jury Diversity (07.10.14)

Batson and Jury Diversity


Negotiating Justice: Advancing Racial Equity and Client Goals (6.20.2014)

This program directly relates to how race and ethnicity influence client representation and ways in which lawyers, judges and others involved in the judicial system can reduce bias with respect to the practice of law.


Perceptions of Justice (6.09.2014)

Perceptions of Justice