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Sheri’s Sidebar Edition 4

Sheri’s Sidebar Edition 4 1) Open Door Limits 2) Citation For Not Asking A Witness A Question You Don’t Know The Answer To 3) Distinction For Using Prior Statements Under The Evidence Rules 4) State’s Inappropriate Argum...


Sheri’s Sidebar Edition 3

Sheri’s Sidebar Edition 3: 1) NCO 1000 feet 2) Impeachment is not allowed by someone else’s statement…or is it? 3) Counsel obligation to redact and provide discovery post conviction or post termination 4) DOL FA Registra...


Sheri’s Sidebar Edition #2

Sheri’s Sidebar Edition #2  March 24, 2023 1) Miranda Rights must be on the recording-strict compliance 2) Dash Cams must be kept on for the entire event RCW 9.73.090(1)(c) 3) Police must inform you of being sound recorded ...


Sheri’s Sidebar Edition 1

Edition #1   March 10, 2023 1) Right to an attorney: 1st, 6th, 14th Amendments 2) Court cannot impose sentencing condition to “obey all laws” – only DOC can 3) Expert witnesses cannot be impeached or cross exam...